Druzy is a very popular precious substance, often used in jewelry. Until after about 10 years,  mineralogists, jewelry designers, collectors, and the public just noticed them.
But the attractiveness of druzy materials is easy to understand. Druzy has many tiny crystals like sugar or snow. Most kinds of druzy gemstones, even those with bright colors, such as hot pink (cobalt calcite), glow green (uvarovite), or rainbow pyrite, are natural. Quartz druzy has soft natural color. In addition, many quartz pieces are dyed black or other colors, and some are coated with titanium or other metal vapors to form various rainbow-colored finishes.

Druzy name comes from the word “druse”, which refers to a rock surface (usually a hole) covered with tiny crystals, such as found in larger pockets of mineral deposits.

Agate Druzy Heart Pendant
Agate Druzy Heart Pendant
Druzy’s hardness ratio is 6, which makes it very suitable for jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, and rings.
Druzy gemstones have a good sugar crystal-like texture. The surface is amazing because it shows a large number of tiny crystals. Gemstones are colored into a series of colors, producing a unique and delicate effect. Most of these gemstones are covered with titanium, giving them impressive and dazzling surfaces.

Druzy is usually composed of transparent quartz crystals, usually in gray or blue. It can also provide brown, red, yellow and orange. More infrequently, it occurs with glauconite crystals or radiant blue blue-copper. Druzy quartz is delicate and can be easily damaged, so it is usually used for pendants.

Druzy Agate Stone Connector Adjustable Chain Bracelet
Druzy Agate Stone Connector Adjustable Chain Bracelet
Generally speaking, druzy crystal is considered to support strength and promote fresh ideas to guide personal growth. The special structure of this stone is well known and has its own advantages. It’s also about harmony, patience, and optimistic love.
It is also known as “The Gemstone of Heaven”, which has an important impact on the individual’s body and mind, and helps the individual acquire the highest wisdom. Most people think that druzy can help users calm down, thereby eliminating anxiety.

Psychologists believe that this gem can promote the opening of closed energy and help users find their own vision. Druzy has several therapeutic effects. Generally speaking, stones can purify and increase the body’s natural healing function and enhance the spirit. It is also thought to provide the stability to avoid despair or abnormal panic or fear.

Druzy Agate Stone Connector Bracelets
Druzy Agate Stone Connector Bracelets

Druzy stones are mainly found in Thailand, China, India, and Brazil.

Gems have many healing properties. It strengthens your body’s circulation and resistance and cleans the reproductive system. Some people think it can also treat infections. Others believe that the influence of this gem makes emotional and intellectual problems as well.
Druzy crystals jewelry is known for several different reasons. For some people, this is because of its beauty. For others, it has an effective therapeutic capacity and characteristics. Whatever the reason, it is absolutely measured as a beautiful and essential gift from nature.


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