Diamond and quartz are equally  crystal clear, emitting a charming light.But what’s the difference between them ?How can you tell diamond from quartz ?Without any knowledge of crystals at all, go to the window and try and scratch it with the stones. The one that scratches the glass without showing any damage to the crystal is the diamond.

Heart Shape Agate Druzy Heart Pendant
Heart Shape Agate Druzy Heart Pendant

Knowing crystals, the diamond is octagonal, whereas the quartz is a hexagonal column with a pointed tip on one or both ends.The differences between quartz and diamond crystals start with their chemical compositions. Their molecular differences lead to the characteristics that allow you to tell them apart. Whether in natural crystal form or cut into gemstones, quartz and diamonds can be differentiated using nondestructive techniques such as crystal form, density, specific gravity or refractive index.

Natural crystals of  quartz and diamond have very different crystal structures. Quartz’s silicon dioxide molecules align to form six-sided hexagonal crystals, usually longer than they are wide. Quartz crystals grow so that only one end terminates in a hexagonal pyramid. An exception are the so-called Herkimer diamonds, which terminate on both ends. On the other hand, the carbon atoms forming diamonds usually arrange themselves into squat isometric crystals. These eight-sided crystals may appear as two pyramids abutted base to base.Click here to browse a selection of druzy quartz stone jewelry.

Druzy Agate Stone Connector Adjustable Chain Bracelet
Druzy Agate Stone Connector Adjustable Chain Bracelet

Density and Specific Gravity

Density and specific gravity relate the ratio of mass to volume. The specific gravity of quartz ranges from 2.6-2.7 while the specific gravity of diamond ranges from 3.1-3.53. If the crystals of quartz and diamond are the same size, the diamond will be heavier than the quartz.

Refractive Index and Luster

Quartz and diamonds make beautiful gemstones. Again, their molecular structure controls the way light plays through the crystals. Luster and refractive index measure that light play. Luster describes how light reflects off the surface. Quartz has a vitreous or glassy luster. Diamonds have an adamantine luster. Luster can be subjective, however. Refractive index, a more accurate measure, takes advantage of the change as light passes from one transparent material to another.  Quartz will almost disappear in these oils, but a diamond will remain very distinct.


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